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THE FINAL FÊTE. Our December issue is officially here.

Join us in celebrating D.C.’s dining scene and a stacked calendar of can’t-miss holiday festivities.

As we close out 2023, we are looking forward to next year and have some exciting changes to Fray media and membership to share with you.

Our #FrayLife membership program is official:
With feedback from our community, we’ve been quietly testing out a membership program that goes beyond content to include exclusive discounts, access, giveaways and perks to the fun events and experiences Fray covers. Check out all of the new benefits at districtfray.com/membership and consider giving yourself the gift of fun in 2024 with your own membership.

We’re simplifying our Instagram game:
In early 2024, we’ll be moving to a single Instagram account and posting all of our content @DCFray. But don’t worry, we’ll continue posting content to both platforms for the next few months and providing plenty of nudges to follow us at @DCFray.

New year, new adventure:
District Fray’s editor-in-chief and director of media, Monica Alford, is kicking off 2024 with a new adventure to champion D.C.’s creative community after five memorable years working at Fray. Follow her @monicaclarealford for more details about what she’s building next with friends and collaborators, and the full support from all of us at Fray. Stay tuned for changes to the @districtfray handle in early 2024.

And now, for the final fête:In this issue, our “final fête” of 2023, District Fray’s outgoing editorial team featured on the cover reflects on some of our favorite stories and collaborations this year.

The fête continues with stunning shots of a dynamic, colorful and insanely gifted group of artists, creators, curators, entrepreneurs and visionaries. We celebrate these seven frequent collaborators as this month’s District Denizens, a nod to their massive influence in the city with a sneak peek of what they’re manifesting in 2024.

Our cover location, the French-inspired @petitecerisedc, is one of 35+ dining establishments highlighted in this issue. From mom-and-pop mainstays to Michelin-starred standouts, the December issue features intimate interviews with chefs and restaurateurs and a behind-the-scenes look into kitchens, smokehouses and much more.

Cover details:
Photography: @scottsuchman
Design: @smallc.studio
Location: @petitecerisedc
Vision: @monicaclarealford, @mkkoszcyki + @nicolelschaller

Monica Alford