DRY Botanical Bubbly.

DRY Botanical Bubbly. Photo courtesy of company.

Dry January started in 2011 with one woman in the UK and one idea: to ditch booze while training for a half marathon. Her decision sparked questions from people all around her and conversation about the benefits of getting off the sauce for a month, or more. Here we are 10 years later (although does anyone else feel like 2020 was a whole decade?) and the campaign is expected to have almost 7 million people signed up for a month without alcohol, worldwide.

We invite you this month to join us on a journey of sober curiosity, a term coined by Ruby Warrington.  Check out some fantastic local options, read about leaders in the low- and no-alcohol movement, join free booze-free mixology workshops in partnership with For All Drinks’ Official Dry January Festival, get to know your neighbors’ fave alcohol-free bevs, and meet local booze-free businesses changing the landscape of the DMV.

So while we all know that D.C. is a drinking town, who says your drinks have to be boozy? My philosophy is that you can explore the DMV area from a different lens, specifically a health-minded one that challenges you to seek zero-proof alternatives.

Happy 2021 (finally!) I raise a glass to you.

Laura SilvermanLaura Silverman
Founder, Booze Free in DC

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