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A deep dive into the world of cannabis has long been on our editorial team’s wish list, and we’re thrilled to announce our first-ever issue highlighting all things green this April.

With changing legislation in the District, Maryland and most recently, Virginia (the state enacted a marijuana legalization law on April 7, just in time for this issue, that goes into effect on July 1), the timing couldn’t be more perfect. In addition to being proud of my home state for being the first in the South to legalize cannabis, our team was very excited to highlight the thriving cannabis industry in the D.C. area. Amanda Weisbrod interviewed local industry experts, advocates and activists making the case for the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, and put together a helpful illustration outlining what’s legal and what’s not in both states and the nation’s capital. Trent Johnson penned our cover story, highlighting D.C. area chefs experimenting with cannabis-infused fine dining, pastries, cocktails and more. 

A special thank you to the incomparable Scott Suchman for shooting our cover, featuring a marijuana-infused dish prepared by Sucrée Sweets Co.’s Shannon Rizvi and Charlynn Pham. Johnson also spoke with Chris Licata and Anaïs Hayes of District Derp about their unique business model: Their dog Sudo makes works of art available for purchase with included gifts of cannabis flowers, THC cartridges and edibles. Thank you to Licata and Hayes as well for providing so many beautiful images to accompany this issue. 

We rounded up 19 local cannabis and/or CBD businesses and chatted with the entrepreneurs behind them about their offerings, preferences and what they predict for the D.C. area’s cannabis landscape in the future. Assistant editor M.K. Koszycki highlighted wellness and self-care aspects behind CBD, and Ingrid Harbo chatted with local business owners about how cannabis and artistry are often interwoven. And our friend E$ made us a dope “High and Go Seek” illustration. 

We interviewed Washington Spirit captain Andi Sullivan about the upcoming season, electro-pop trio SHAED about their new album, Denizens Brewing Co.’s Julie Verratti about being tapped for the Biden administration and Black Girl Ventures’ Shelly Bell about supporting BIPOC women in business. 

Plus, read about upcycling in D.C., food rescue programs, niche wine shops, a beginner’s guide to soccer and more. Thanks as always to our readers for your support. Please let us know what you think! 

Monica Alford